We check out Bondcable the ‘smart’ cable – it is simply a clever one. #Kickstarter #Cables

Neat, tangle-free and long-lasting: reduce the cable waste,Compact, tangle-free and long lasting, A cable which puts an end to messy storage & structure damage

What is BondCable? 

BondCable is no ordinary ‘smart’ cable – it is simply a clever one. 


  • No additional fastener or fancy mechanism needed to keep your cables tidy and tangle-free 
  • Longer than standard cables (1.2m) and strength tested (up to 2 kg weight intake)
  • Fast charging & smooth data transfer. 
  • Our lightning cables are MFi certified and produced by Apple-certified manufacturers


Why BondCable

Did you know that obsolete cables generate more than 51,000 tonnes of waste per year? It’s because twisted and entangled cables get damaged easily. The additional stress from tension and friction is amplified further when they are twisted and pulled at force. 


  • BondCable features a flat-profile cable to  minimize twisting and stress on the cable. 


  • With this self-bonding cable management, the BondCable is able to achieve extremely high reliability and durability ratings, thus maximizing product lifetime and minimizing waste from needlessly discarding easily-damaged products.


  • Environmentally friendly packaging – no glue, no plastic, 100% recyclable and degradable.

How does it work…



PRE-ORDERS: Company will start collecting pre-orders on Kickstarter on June 16th, with expected shipment date of early October 2020. 

Our sample arrived a bit late but here is a hands on  look at what you are dealing with… This is a very robust cable it does what it says on the tin and works perfectly fine for data transfer and charging  but no messy tangled cable..


About CleverThings

The BondCable is the inaugural product from CleverThings, a new brand concept initiated by Design Insight, a design studio with over 16 years of experience in the design and development of consumer products.

PRE-ORDERS Support local! BondCable will start collecting pre-orders on Kickstarter.com on June 16th 2020 at 10pm (Singapore time), with expected shipment date of early October 2020. 

Support BondCable now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cleverthings/bondcable-self-bonding-charging-cables 

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