The tile Sticker is the size of a 2 euro coin but around 3 times thicker.  The build of the tile is waterproof with an internal battery lasting up to 3 years, On the back of the tile there is an adhesive to stick to any product as required.  The tile Sticker is placed on an object and if lost can be found via a ring tone or location map on the app.

 Setup and use:

The free tile app is required to be downloaded and set up on the standard smartphone. The tile sticker has a 46m range or if lost this can be referred to last known location on the app.  If lost or missing, via the Notify When Found.”  crowd community that is within the range automatically located the map location as required. The core features of the App as used to find the item via the ring my tile or find my phone, or see the location on the map, or share with friends and community find.

This information is automatically updated whenever anyone in the Tile community comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile. The Tile app on the play store has Installs 1,000,000+  Installs  ( rating of 4 out of 5 )  which would mean for android only, one of these would be required to pass the path of the tile sticker.  This constant searching via Bluetooth has a noticeable drain on the phone battery power.

Advance features required a payment service which gives advance features of alerts,  30 Day Location History, Unlimited Sharing and Free Battery Replacements.


 Tile comparison range:




This is a product that under an ideal world where nothing gets lost or misplaced would not be required, but in the real world, everyday things get misplaced. This product allows you the option to find the product that may be invaluable to ensure the small outlay of cost may be saviours in finding the product. The downside of the system is the drain on the battery on the phone. If the unit is lost far away from a know location this relies on crowd surfing to find the product,  The risk for many is worth taking giving a higher probability of finding a lost product. The tile sticker is solid, not intrusive in size with an excellent battery life ensure its core function works, with a bonus of compatible with Alexa.

Price: £29.99

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