Review – The Groov-e Athena Alarm clock with wireless charging. #Tech #Athena #Clocks

Alarm clocks come in all shapes and sizes but with tech changing as it is today we should expect some more and here is what we get with the Athena alarm clock from Groov-e. Missing a radio though…. Would have been nice but it is what it is but still it is a really nice piece of kit to have in your bedroom and ideal if you have a phone that has wireless charging built in.

Giving you a retro look to it is a simplistic clock with an alarm too and a dim mode for the clock face itself and the light underneath which is also ideal for some light in your personal space beside your bed on your locker. It is simple to set up with controls on the underside and also a back up battery should you need to move it or a powercut it will revert to the current time and date etc which is hand, I have had some alarm clocks in my day when the power or battery goes you have to set up again but not the case here.

Wireless charging comes in at 5W which is the low end of the scale but will charge your device overnight and no cables needed, Wireless charging has its benefits no matter the speed, it saves your port and cable and in this instance another plug so its a win if you have got on board the wireless charging game, Having said that there is not many phones out there with it and any that is out there is more expensive but there is still enough out there to make use of this timepiece should you wish to look for something new for the bedroom. And for the snooze button fans there is a touch to snooze area on top, Yes I am one of those…


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