Sound BlasterX G6: Complete the Console Gaming Experience,now with with GameVoice Mix for PS4. #Gaming #PS4

Creative Technology has boosted the console gaming experience yet again. With a new firmware update adding GameVoice Mix to the Sound BlasterX G6 features set, users can now expect an even better performance with quality audio, seamless controls and enjoy game-chat balancing alongside pristine audio for unparalleled console gaming.

Since its launch back in 2018, the Sound BlasterX G6 has been well-received by tech reviewers, winning prominent awards such as the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in ‘Gaming’.

Powered by audiophile-grade components (including a 130 dB DNR, 32-bit / 384 kHz DAC) and the award-winning Xamp discrete headphone bi-amplifier, driven by the fabled Sound Blaster surround sound virtualization technology, and packaged in a sleek yet handy form factor, it has established itself as a mainstay on many gamers’ ‘must-have’ accessories lists.


With GameVoice Mix, the Sound BlasterX G6 is a console gamer’s dream.

With game-chat balance being an increasingly popular feature especially for console gamers, the Sound BlasterX G6 has been boosted with GameVoice Mix, elevating the gaming experience at no extra charge. Users can seamlessly adjust both the voice chat volume and gaming audio with a simple turn of the control knob, without having to exit the game – so that they can focus on the gameplay itself.

Pricing and Availability – Sound BlasterX G6 is priced at GBP129.99 and is available at For more information, visit

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