Ergotron Announces New CareFit Pro Medical Carts and Accessories to Support Caregiver Wellbeing at Work

Ergotron, a global movement company that designs and manufactures applications and products that help people thrive, has today announced the availability of the CareFit™ Pro medical carts, designed to promote the wellbeing of caregivers with uninhibited mobility and personalised features to help deliver better patient experiences and life-changing care.

The CareFit™ Pro is a fully-featured design that enables untethered caregiver productivity with long-lasting, dependable power to navigate each shift. Personalised height and screen adjustment with intuitively placed features support caregiver well-being to keep the focus on patient care. Integrated technology also streamlines cart monitoring and service, and thoughtful finishes complement a calming environment of care.

Key features also include internal cable management and easy-to-clean surfaces, combined with optional UV Angel automated pathogen reduction (coming soon as an accessory), helping to combat hospital-acquired infections and create a hygienic workstation. The infinite brake mechanism, plus neutral-angle grip design, create easy height adjustment.

Industry-leading load and cycle testing serves as the foundation of a professional-grade design built for endurance and longevity. Ergotron’s eKinnex™ proactive fleet management streamlines service to help increase uptime and reduce power anxiety. Premium, five-inch casters support unprecedented mobility and untethered productivity as caregivers move between rooms and floors. Multiple ergonomic height adjustments, numerous accessory options and a user-friendly touchscreen support efficiency and comfort.

“The caregiver and patient experience is closely interwoven, making nurse wellness, workflows and health and safety key aspects of quality care. As more organisations aim to offer warm, healing spaces to align with the “resimercial” trend, they need fully-featured medical carts that soften the noise of patient rooms, while enabling caregivers to thrive,” explained Paul Zuidema, Managing Director EMEA at Ergotron. “In light of the evolving global health situation, this new product serves the growing demand for mobile medical carts with a hygienic, easy-to-clean design that supports infection control.”

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