Diaceutics PLC, today announces DXRX, the world’s first Diagnostic Network for precision medicine which will enable the company to scale its business to meet fast growing demand in the precision medicine market. It represents the culmination of a €26m million investment by Diaceutics in software and data.

DXRX addresses stakeholder collaboration problems which have led to a suboptimal testing ecosystem and has resulted in most precision medicines reaching only 50% of eligible patients in oncology.

The new platform enables Diaceutics to meet the need for a global standardised diagnostic process by offering an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialisation of precision medicine diagnostic testing. It will significantly enhance Diaceutics’ service offering and enable it to meet the increased market demand being created by 1,000 new precision medicines currently in pharmaceutical company pipelines.

Diaceutics has spent the last 10 years building relationships with more than 2500 laboratories worldwide. DXRX enables these laboratories to be integrated into a network providing a global flow of testing data, thus placing those labs at the centre of precision medicine.

The need for stakeholder collaboration has been addressed by building alliances with industry leading service providers in areas such as pathology training, health economics, reference standards, EQA and digital enablement. DXRX will make these alliances and its real-world data repository available to its network of pharmaceutical, laboratory and diagnostic partners.

Ryan Keeling, Chief Innovation Officer, Diaceutics

Diaceutics’ Chief Innovation Officer, Ryan Keeling, commented, “Given the richness of the data we have, Diaceutics has been uniquely positioned to identify that, as an industry, we have been getting it wrong when it comes to patient testing for precision medicines.

“Our evidence, our partners and our experience tell us that there is a better way and that the time for that better way is now. We believe that DXRX is the model that can deliver significantly more value for all stakeholders, and most importantly, a model which enables every patient to get the treatment they deserve.

“The era of a therapy being launched with a single companion diagnostic option is behind us. We need to consider the global needs of our patients and the regional restrictions commonly faced. This calls for pharma to think beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to testing and embrace the democratisation of testing.

“Our experience of working on every precision medicine currently on market puts Diaceutics in a unique position to advance a significantly better industry model and deliver significant new value for all stakeholders in precision medicine.”

Onboarding of laboratory and diagnostic partners to DXRX will commence in Q3 2020, with pharmaceutical clients gaining access in Q4.

DXRX is industry shorthand for diagnostics and therapy. For more information visit dxrx.diaceutics.com.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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