Logicalis Ireland wins Hybrid Data Management Award. #IBM #Logicalis #Data

Logicalis Ireland, the IT solutions and managed services provider, is today announcing that it won the IBM Excellence Award in Hybrid Data Management during the first-ever virtual IBM Think conference on May 5th, 2020. IBM’s Excellence Awards recognise the stellar performance of IBM Business Partners who have demonstrated excellence and drive exceptional client experiences and business growth.

Logicalis Ireland was selected for the global Data & AI Excellence Award: Hybrid Data Management due to its extensive breadth of expertise with data networks and its ability to support clients in understanding their infrastructure requirements. Furthermore, the company has a proven track record of delivering rich data insights and advising on effective data and AI implementation for its customers – including Musgrave Group and Flutter.

Andrew Baird, Managing Director, Logicalis Ireland

Andrew Baird, Managing Director of Logicalis Ireland, said: “Data has become a valuable asset for many businesses across the globe. However, in order to leverage it effectively, companies need to have the right technology solutions.

“At Logicalis, we help customers to not only identify which areas will benefit most from their data and AI but also how its impact can support decision-making, reduce costs and enhance product or service delivery on an ongoing basis across the entire organisation. In turn, this helps companies to innovate, be more competitive and drive growth.

“We are incredibly proud to have been recognised with this award as it showcases our alignment with a strategic portfolio area within IBM and acknowledges our exceptional work in providing business value and industry success with Data and AI.

“It is testament to our ability to identify the most suitable solutions for our clients and demonstrate the impact they have for their business, supporting them throughout the process from inception to delivery. Going forward, we aim to continue delivering meaningful results within this area and enabling digital transformation for our customers.”

Logicalis Ireland was named one of 22 Business Unit Excellence Award winners. The IBM Business Unit Excellence Awards recognize IBM Business Partners that deliver stand-out results to help drive business value and transform the way clients and industries operate.

To learn more about Logicalis Ireland, visit www.ie.logicalis.com

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