US multinational Xilinx appoints senior Irish executive to head EMEA. #BrendanFarley #Xilinx

The major US technology corporation Xilinx Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) has appointed a senior Irish executive, Brendan Farley, as Managing Director of its Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Farley is also the corporation’s Vice-President for Wireless Engineering. Xilinx is the global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing. The company designs and makes highly advanced semiconductor microchips that can be programmed individually for use in a wide range of electronic systems and are used across every sector of the global economy.

Portrait of Brendan Farley, MD Xilinx.
Photo Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2020

Mr. Farley is based in Ireland where Xilinx operates its EMEA headquarters and an advanced research, development, engineering and IT centre.  Dublin also fulfils EMEA finance, quality, supply chain, legal and HR functions.  The company first established operations in Ireland in 1995 and currently employs 300 in Dublin, Cork and Belfast, in addition to R&D and sales operations across Europe.

Prior to his current roles, Farley held senior EMEA engineering management roles in Xilinx. Before joining Xilinx over 9 years ago he worked in various senior roles in the Irish technology sector including Cylon Controls and S3 Group (now Adesto Technologies).

Mr. Farley’s appointment follows the retirement of Kevin Cooney (formerly VP EMEA and global CIO) following a long and distinguished career with Xilinx.

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