Dell Technologies has today unveiled tips to help businesses make the transition to a remote business model successfully at this time highlighting that the successful management of a remote workforce will be key to a positive outcome. With many businesses now working in the new reality that their entire workforce is operating from home, Dell Technologies has outlined the critical importance of connecting technology, security, workforce flexibility, data and leadership to help build a remote business model that remains competitive at this time.

Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies Ireland said: “The future of work is transforming before our eyes. In a matter of weeks, businesses have found themselves in a position of having their entire workforce operating from home. With no time for on-the-job learning, this transition can pose a major challenge. 

“Remote working and flexible working have been fundamental elements of our business and culture at Dell Technologies for over 10 years. Over that decade of our teams working in a remote capacity, we have learnt some important lessons that others can benefit from to create a workforce transformation strategy fit for our new reality. 

“Technology is the foundation stone for large-scale remote interaction and engagement and must be at the centre of a remote working strategy and business model. But successful remote working takes more than the right technology. It requires a security-first approach, rooted in data, with flexible HR policies and leadership from the very top. 

“It will take time for companies to find the right approach to shape the supportive culture that meets the needs of every member of the team. Today we’re are sharing some tips that we believe can help businesses to safely navigate the move to remote working now and into the future.”


  1. Put employees first and make sure that applications and devices meet their needs so they can be productive.
  2. Provide the right technology – devices, applications, security, and connectivity – so colleagues can collaborate regardless of where they are.


  1. Security must be an integral part of business strategy connected to the people, processes and technologies with an organisation so that data and IT assets are secure and available.
  2. Put in place collaboration and communication tools that can be used from anywhere, at any time on any device.
  3. Ensure your security policies accommodate new technology and working approaches.

Human Resources

  1. Partner across the organisation to help develop workplace policies that embraces flexible culture and enables every team member to give their best
  2. Listen to your employees – what’s working for them and what needs to be adjusted to enable them to be more productive.
  3. Provide training on connectivity tools, platforms and equipment so employees can get the most out of their remote workspace.


  1. Root decisions in data by looking at trends in when employees are logging into their systems to work and what evolving external forces may require temporary or permanent shifts in your workplace policies.


  1. Prepare managers and leaders for this new world of work by coaching them to support their teams and help them feel more connected.
  2. Leaders should listen to employees and understand what is working for them and what needs to be adjusted to enable them to be more productive.
  3. Maintain effective communication. Virtual coffee chats or open office hours are a good way to create “water cooler” moments which build and maintain relationships across your business.

Successful remote working has been a multi-year journey for Dell Technologies. As many Irish businesses look to keep their remote workforce connected for the coming weeks and months, it is important as a first step to identify what capabilities are already in place in your business which can be scaled, what transformations you have started that can be accelerated and identify smart investments that protect the health and safety of employees.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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