All-in-one beer brewing machine helps turn beer lovers into craft beer brewers. #CraftBeer #MiniBrew

Dutch food tech start-up, MiniBrew, has today launched its first home brewing product, MiniBrew CRAFT, to the European market. The all-in-one, automatic beer brewing machine has been created to transform beer lovers into craft beer brewers.

Designed to inspire the brewers of tomorrow, MiniBrew’s CRAFT machine offers beer enthusiasts an innovative, yet remarkably simple way to create a variety of quality beers in the comfort of their own home, or even pub shed. Brewers can enjoy quality beers, made by their own hands, which come fresher than any beer you can buy from the supermarket and can be preserved up to three-months with the product’s built-in cooler.

The beautifully constructed MiniBrew CRAFT appliance features a real wooden back, a transparent mashing tun and a copper coloured keg for a traditional look. The product can be used to make recipes from all over the world while helping consumers understand the brewing process step by step.

MiniBrew’s brewing portfolio features 10 different recipes crafted by its in-house brewologist and beverage scientists using its signature beer style, as well as natural flavours and herbs that are precisely measured in each Brew Pack. The appliance also calculates the precise amount of water needed and defines a mashing, boiling and fermenting scheme for each individual Brew Pack, helping to deliver an exceptional experience every time.

Commenting on the launch, Bart van de Kooij, founder of MiniBrew, said: “CRAFT is for consumers who love beer and want to explore their true, inner beer-making soul.”

“We started with a clear vision: to transform the home-brewing experience, which is traditionally very time-consuming, expensive and messy. Now that vision is a reality, our next step is to expand our brewing portfolio and help more beer lovers fulfil their brewing potential.”

The MiniBrew CRAFT machine starts at €1199, and Brew Packs start at €17. The MiniBrew CRAFT Pro is the same machine but gives experienced brewers powerful software with the opportunity to pilot and create their own recipes, while also giving professional breweries the opportunity to collaborate and share their recipe as a Brew Pack.

The MiniBrew CRAFT and MiniBrew CRAFT Pro can be purchased via authorised retailers and at

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