Sonic is the first ultrasonic smart leak detector developed by Hero Labs. #Sonic #Water #IoT

Every year, Ireland is losing 43% of its drinking water in leaks, while £657million worth of domestic insurance claims in the UK are made to repair and replace possessions and property damaged by water leaks.

Fitted easily, in most cases under the sink, Sonic is the only product in Ireland and the UK to use ultrasonic technology to monitor water use and then spot anything unusual using AI algorithms. It sends an alert in seconds via a mobile app and you can shut the water yourself remotely or Sonic can automatically shut it off using Smart Shield technology, to prevent a water leak damaging possessions and property.

Sonic is the first product to be powered either from batteries or via a connection to the mains. This means there’s no need for complicated wiring, so it can be installed in basements or other difficult to access spaces where there is no WiFi signal, by any plumber or a Hero Labs-recommended installer.

Sonic is currently available for pre-order from the Hero Labs website. In addition to Sonic has been named the best IoT Hardware product for consumers at the 2019 IoT Innovator Awards. This follows Hero Labs being named Tech Starter Winner at the CEDIA Tech Starter FIVE awards and Best New Hardware Product EMEA at the CEDIA awards.

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