First look at the House of Marley Redemption True Wireless with ANC #TrueWireless #Tech

The House of Marley True Wireless with ANC have just landed and these are the latest true wireless on offer with some other nice attributes. These are crafted from bamboo which looks really cool and different and not only this when you purchase a pair you help plant a tree which is great to see given the current talk about climate change and more companies need to do this.

You get 5 hours per charge on the earbuds and additional 20 hours from the charging case and more without the ANC activated, We also get full touch control here and no buttons which is nice too and we have an IPX4 rating which is welcome for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts and we also have USB-C charging..

Check out the unboxing below and if you have any questions hit us up whilst we check these out.



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