Redison, the French startup company that specialises in connected music, today announces the launch of Senstroke. Senstroke are the first Bluetooth enabled sensors for percussionists that allow drummers to reproduce the movements and impacts of authentic drumsticks as well as the footwork of a real drum kit.

This unique innovation with patented technology has been designed for both amateur and professional drummers who want to practice their scales anywhere without bothering those around them with loud noise.

Getting a drum kit set up has never been easier- users simply download the iOS & Android app, connect the Bluetooth enabled sensors to the drumsticks and define the playing zone to their preferences.

The technology built into Senstroke means drums can now be played on any surface: from digital practice pads to real drums, from cushions, books or tables, to outdoor furniture – the possibilities are endless. Once the zone of playing is defined each touch is transformed into a MIDI note and real drums’ sounds are created instantly through the smartphone or tablet and any computer-based music software.

The Senstroke app comes packed with features such as ability to record drumming fragments and export and share on social media. Drummers can record their session wherever they want, directly on their smartphone in just a few seconds and use it later in a professional setting. The app update due in March will also help learners with its interactive lessons function – ideal for children and beginners alike.

Senstroke can manage a whole variety of rebound levels in a realistic manner. Everything has been designed in order to achieve the highest level of the real drumming sensation. What’s more, those who are using Senstroke’s digital practice pads have the additional benefit of a superior quality of rebound and a significant noise reduction.

To achieve this, the user needs only their favourite MIDI compatible software and to record all of their drumming sessions. Furthermore, by adjusting the sensors on an acoustic drum kit, users can record without requiring any additional equipment.

The precise rebound handling allows Senstroke to be used in a realistic and a professional way. It is also possible to record any drumming on an actual electric or acoustic drum set.

Besides reproducing the sound of the drums, each user can use a metronome and personalise their drum kit and the sounds used.

Jérôme Dron, Founder, Redison said: “For many drummers the barriers of cost, space and noise made the instrument a no go, but with Senstroke users all over the world can experience the joy of drumming – no matter where they are! We already have 3,000 users and are looking forward to welcoming plenty more from the UK. ”

Senstroke is available from AmazonConrad Shop and Gear4Music and offers three packages:

The Senstroke Essential Box £145 : perfect as a gift or for beginners

The Senstroke Standard box £185 : ideal for drummers who already have drumsticks

The Senstroke Ultimate box £230 : highly recommend to enjoy the full experience of drumming

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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