This is our second pair of cloned true wireless from Podsbay and we have discussed the company before and will not dwell on it. You can check out the Blackpods killer review HERE and decide for yourself if you want to spend your money. As  I have stated there is always a risk buying from the internet but this company is legit and their products are good and also to note again is how long they will last and I simply cant answer that but I will check back in in a few months to let you know how the products are as I will be using them in between my usual testing.

These are the Airpods pro clone and there is many out there and some of them are total rubbish in every aspect be it discoloured, stickered parts and features and more so here is where you actually get your moneys worth with podsbay and a product that works.

Again you have all the features you expect and they work quite well plus like the blackpod killers they are loud and come with a nice level of bass, these again offer a good balance with highs lows and mids and good separation, little or no lag latency here either but one thing but I think it is down to my house build is the bluetooth connection and how far you go from your device this has happened with several of my earbuds but once in a straight line your fine.

Comfort is fine and these again have a better build quality including the tips provided in the box although for me I find the blackpods more comfortable but that is just me and my personal use case scenario.

Once again the price you pay is worth the risk you will be happy,they have the animated pop up window, instant pairing,siri, auto pause and more, See video for more. or


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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