Mobile industry veteran Chris Millington has been appointed to launch the emporia Telecom brand in the UK and Ireland in early 2020. The UK and Ireland add to emporia’s current market presence in 30 countries, with the brand having grown across Europe since initially offering fixed-line devices in 1991, and mobile devices from 2003.
emporia, a multi-national private company based in Austria, exists to offer customers user-friendly products. Its portfolio features a range of telecommunication devices specially designed and adapted for the changing lives of the 60+ demographic.
Eveline Pupeter, CEO of the emporia Telecom group, said: “Our company vision is to provide simplicity in telephony for everyone, and we are confident that our range of user-friendly devices has strong appeal for the senior market in the UK and Ireland. There are currently 8.6 million senior citizens in the UK alone today who still don’t own a smartphone; yet there is an ever-increasing number of day-to-day activities that can only be performed with one. It is our mission to guide older people into the digital future.”
Pupeter added: “We have appointed Chris to lead our entry into the UK market where we see a great opportunity to build market share in the provision of telecom products for seniors. The UK senior category has had very little investment in recent years so we have a great opportunity to become the leading brand. Chris has a wealth of success in telecoms solutions for the senior demographic. Chris and his team have the passion and drive needed to succeed.”
Millington, who will have the title of Managing Director for emporia UK and Ireland, said: “Working with a strong brand with a long heritage in both fixed-line and mobile devices gives us the firepower to get up and running, build our profile, and start to gain market share from day one. We are investing significantly in the brand launch and further details will be made available in the New Year.”
The brief at emporia UK and Ireland is to establish itself as a trusted supplier of products that are exclusively focused on the ageing population. Partners will include specialists that focus on hearing, sight and dexterity, alongside key national retail and network relationships.
Having reviewed the current distribution market in the UK, Chris has chosen Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd as the launch partner and UK distributor with its dedication to flexible and professional distribution services.
Steve Hankey, Head of Commercial and Vendor Management, said: “We will be working hard with Chris and his team to ensure we provide wholesale customers and retail consumers with the seamless purchasing experience that they would expect from a brand as internationally strong as emporia. We are delighted to have been chosen as their launch partner for their entry to the UK market.”
Peter Carnall, Managing Director of Eurostar Global Electronics, added: “By 2050, the Office for National Statistics estimates that there will be nearly double the number of people aged 60 and over (2.1 billion people) which will represent 21.3% of the global population. Our ageing population is therefore clearly a growing market, where seniors are often left isolated and overwhelmed by technology. As an established entity throughout Europe, emporia has a set of hardware and software products that make it a market leader in its field. It delivers pragmatic solutions and allows seniors access to technology in a way that works for them. Eurostar Global is looking forward to being part of the solution – bringing emporia products to the UK consumers – and we are delighted to have partnered with Chris and his experienced team.”
Prior to the launch, Millington is currently laying the groundwork for a sales and distribution network in the UK and Ireland and assembling an account handling and marketing team, with a headquarters operation in Watford.
Handset and devices that will be available to UK and Ireland customers will be announced soon.
UK and Ireland customers will be able to visit for more information.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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