Dell Technologies has today unveiled its top five technology predictions for 2020 with the company forecasting how developments in AI, 5G, Multicloud technology and sustainable innovation will reshape Ireland’s economy and society in the next twelve months and to pave the way to the next data decade.

Unveiling the predictions today, Mark Hopkins, General Manager, Dell Technologies Ireland, said: “2020 will be a milestone year in technology. The explosion in the growth of data and increasing computer power will result in emerging technologies becoming ever more evident in our everyday lives – from how we work and play, to how we do business in Ireland.

“To help organisations to prepare for the change that lies ahead, we’ve identified the technology breakthroughs that will come to the fore. From AI and Machine Learning turning our PCs into even smarter companions, next-generation infrastructure supporting the delivery of 5G, and sustainable innovation taking centre stage, 2020 is set to be the opening of the next data decade.

“I’m very excited about what the future holds and how the Dell Technologies’ teams in Limerick, Cork and Dublin can help businesses to transform. Our Innovation Lab in Limerick provides a critical AI and Internet of Things test-bed for businesses whilst our teams in Cork are at the global forefront of using 5G technology and Edge Computing to create next-generation services that can help to save lives.” 

Top 5 Predictions:

The top technology predictions from Dell Technologies include:

  • Prediction 1: Intelligent devices will change the way we work

Over the next year, AI and machine learning will turn our PCs into even smarter companions. They’ll have the ability to optimise power and battery life for our most productive moments. These devices will become increasingly self-sufficient with the ability to automatically repair, without needing to inform the owner. Biometrics will also become widespread in PC ranges. With this innovation, PCs know it’s you from the moment you gaze at the screen.


  • Prediction 2: 5G promises to completely change the data game 

5G promises to completely change the data game – bringing transmissions speeds up to 20 times faster than current 4G platforms. The near-instantaneous transfer of data and information will speed up the delivery of autonomous vehicle and smart cities. In 2020, focus will turn to the delivery of the hardware and infrastructure needed to support the delivery of 5G and the massive amounts of data that will move at speed.


  • Prediction 3: Public and private clouds to co-exist

The idea that public and private clouds can and will co-exist becomes a clear reality in 2020. Multi-cloud IT strategies supported by hybrid cloud architectures will play a key role in ensuing organizations have better data management and visibility, while also ensuring that their data remains accessible and secure. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2021, 9 in 10 businesses worldwide will rely on a mix of private and public clouds together with legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs.


  • Prediction 4: Flexible consumption and as-a-service adoption will accelerate rapidly

One of the biggest hurdles for IT decision makers driving transformation is resources. In 2020, flexible consumption and as-a-service options will accelerate rapidly as organisations seize the opportunity to transform into software-defined and cloud-enabled IT. As a result – they’ll be able to choose the right economic model for their business to take advantage of end-to-end IT solutions that enable data mobility and visibility, and crunch even the most intensive AI and Machine Learning workloads when needed.

  • Prediction 5: Sustainable innovation to take centre stage

Sustainable technology will also take centre stage, with organisations increasing looking to protect the plant. 2020 will see greater investments in reuse and recycling for closed-loop innovation. Hardware will become smaller and more efficient and built with recycled and reclaimed goods.

For more information on Dell Technologies 2020 Predictions, see here.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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