Wired earbuds are still a thing these days and people are still moaning about the headphone jack which is probably a valid one for many but that is not my call but having said that I had to take out a Three Year old phone to test these earphones out but it is what it is..

The Ludos Clamor earbuds from Amazon are a wired headset with a simple inline control allowing you to do the usual with your earbuds but with a wire attached and it was some fun even for me to check them out and go the old fashioned way just to see how these actually sound.

Now you are only paying around €15  for these and they are by no means a high end product but have a great build quality and not made with cheap plastic which alone is better for sound. They come with spongy tips similar to comply foam which do a decent job of noise isolation which is not seen too often at this pricepoint.

The inline control works well and is very tactile and works every time and I had no issues plus they look good in the Black and Green combo I have and they come in a good range of colours so you will not be stuck for choice in the long run.

When it comes to sound they do a good job across the board and did not sound tinny even at max volume which most earbuds do coming in at this price. You will get a certain level of bass and volume which is not the best in the world but good for the price,they are not as loud and as bass heavy as I would like but having said that you cant get it all for a pair of earbuds at this price even if they are wired.

The usual You Tube and Netflix playlist for my testing was fine and balanced overall at the level you would expect for the price here, not overly loud but good crisp and clear instruments and vocals and direction, These are not for the true audiophile but for the average person just looking for a pair of earbuds to use to commute to work or listen to at home and they will be happy with the price paid at the till alongside the nice presentation knowing they have got a better built product than you tend to find in your local garage of euro shop which is now a common sight and you often see prices up to 25 euros for such which in most cases is just junk.

Product LUDOS CLAMOR Earphones:

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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