First Look at the Kygo Life E7/1000 Waterproof True Wireless earbuds. #KygoLife #TrueWireless

Next up in our huge True Wireless range is a new product we recently mentioned on site and we look forward to checking these out. The Kygo E7/1000 which comes in a really nice presentation and packed with extra tips and more with USB-C charging and IXP 7 rated which is something left out quite often today with true wireless earbuds.

The ultra-sleek Kygo Life E7/1000 earphones are ideal for all types of physical activity or just regular everyday use. With cutting-edge waterproof (IPX 7) technology, the E7/1000 can be used all day long, whatever the activity or the weather, letting you run in the rain or get extra sweaty at the gym.

E7/1000 provides 6 hours of playing time and includes another 18 hours of battery life in the pocket, thanks to the included smart carrying case, making it possible to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes for up to 24 hours. Multi-touch buttons on both earbuds control the volume, track and call functions, making the E7/1000 extremely user-friendly when on the move.

For the perfect in-ear fit, there are several accessories in different sizes, including Comply foam tips, engineered to be more comfortable than silicone while improving sound quality. We will be testing these out over the coming week or so and if you have any questions feel free to ask here on our social handles.



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