New research today reveals the extent to which naughty Brits are using innovative home security camera tech to check up on each other, their kids and their pets. 

The research, conducted by Neos Smart Home Insurance in partnership with YouGov, finds a whopping 83% of UK consumers are using smart security cameras to monitor our nearest and dearest.

The stats reveal pet-parents are the worst culprits, with 35% of people using their security cameras to dote on their furry friends from afar, compared to just 28% who use them to watch their kids. Millennials are the age-group most obsessed with their fur babies, with 38% of people aged 25 to 34 confessing they predominantly use their security cams to peek at their pets. Scots are the worst out of all the Brits, with 58% saying they obsess over their pets remotely.

As well, 12% of Brits confess they use their security cameras to watch what their partner is doing at home when they are out (or in another room). Men particularly enjoy a snoop with 14% owning up to watching over their partner versus just 10% of women. Perhaps not so shockingly, tech-obsessed millennials aged 25-34 like to check up on their partners more than the other generations (17%) and couples aged 45-54 (4%) are the least likely. Those who live in the South East of England peak at their partners the most (16%) and the Welsh (9%) are the least likely to do so.

Comfortingly, 80% of people surveyed do get round to using their security cameras for what they’re actually intended – keeping an eye on their home to help prevent break-ins and disasters, such as leaks and house fires. In fact, 63% of Brits say they feel much safer with security cameras watching over their homes.

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Matt Poll, co-founder and CEO, Neos says, “It’s great so many Brits are taking advantage of smart technology to better protect their homes – and quite funny that they’re also using it for a good old fashioned snoop when they’re out of the house.  Even more incredible is our research found people place their pets above their offspring in the pecking order for who they want to watch over with their security cams… Each to their own!”


“In addition to keeping a watchful eye over loved ones and pets, it’s fantastic to see that security cameras like Neos are predominantly being used by Brits to take a proactive approach to home safety and security. It’s a real pleasure to know that security cams are helping the majority of Brits to feel safer.”

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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