First look at the Nextbase 122 dashcam and UI and compared to the 522GW. #Nextbase #Dashcams #Tech

Recently we covered the Nextbase 522GW which is on another level and this new kit from Nextbase is aimed at the more affordable end where you will see some big differences but it is still a worthy investment we talk more in the video on this.

The 122 is not touch based but works manually there is a toned down software version yet easy to navigate and set up too and functional again we go through all of this to help you decide if it is the right dashcam for you, All vehicles should come with dashcams as a standard but this is an argument for another day and with Nextbase products you are covered regardless, After testing many of their dashcams I can safely recommend them. We do a comparison between both the 522 and 122 in our first look video below, Any questions feel free to ask whilst we take this on a test run.

See more here.


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