The Activ5 is small handheld gym in your pocket, this is spongey pad that has pressure applied linked to your Smartphone, via Bluetooth. This used Isometric exercise for strength-training for your body muscles. The unit is powered via a 1 x AAA battery which last 6 months, The unit felt strong and  durable able to take a knock or too.

 Setup and use,

The Avtiv5 is connected via the Activ5 training app and connected via Bluetooth.  Once the app is installed and registered this has the option of 100+ exercises which tracks your performance gains. Most of the workouts are tailored to the individual given the option to test your strength, the training workouts are of 5 minutes, there is a variety of types of workouts, e.g. upper body, get strong, car plane and watching TV. There is an option to download 6 free Activ5 casual games to increase the variety of workouts. 


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Isometric Exercise

The Isometric exercise Is where one side of your body applies opposing pressure to the other, acting as resistance weight. The Activ5 isometric workout used various muscle groups in their workouts.

 Science or marketing

Activ5 advise Just 5 minutes of Activ5 exercises, 3 times a day has proven to increase strength by an average of 30% over 6 weeks.

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The Activ5 is a portable smart device  which fits perfectly in your hand or pocket, this required only  your smartphone only to have your gym at hand, no extra charging cables required, the Activ5  has a personalised workout as adjusts to your individual strength, the 100+ workouts  are easy to use with clear pictures of the motions, each workout has the option to test your strength to your fitness level, tracks your progress and allows you to exercise while playing games. As with any exercise will power is required this device can turn the exercise into a game which can be done at home in the office, watching Tv. Any device which makes exercise easy and fun is a champion product specifically when this can be carried around with you.

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