Review – Ringke Fusion X cases for the Google Pixel 4. #Ringke #Cases #Pixel4

Ringke have sent us some cases to check out for the Google Pixel 4 which will add great protection to your device, We also have some cases done for the Pixel 3a if you missed that over HERE.

The Fusion cases are simplistic in design and not bulky yet add maximum protection a case should offer for your smartphone. With a tapered lip around the front of the device from top and and bottom inward the phone can be placed face down and on the rear the raised camera hump is well sorted here and this is below surface level which protects the entire hump so it is also great for those who like to keep their device face up.


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With the edges of the case also tapered it gives you better grip and is comfortable to hold and the keys are also angled inward making it easy to navigate them, With small bumpers on each corner you are fully protected. These also work with Wireless Charging.

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