First look and unboxing. PACUM the travel friendly packing solution. #Tech #Travel #PACUM

Travelling is something we all do and love but packing is something that most dislike. Ever purchase new goods on holidays or pack nice things and just dump them in the suitcase? Yes we do and here is a solution to save space and keep the goods clean dry and safe and it is called PACUM which is a small suction device that comes with its own bag to store your goods and keep them safe. Not only that this can be used for more than just packing this can be used to pump up items with some accessories packed in the box.

Read some more on PACUM here while we test it out and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Functions and features

  • Panel lights indicate the function setting
  • 2 pump modes. “Eco-mode” & “Boost”
  • Pacum stops automatically
  • Double packing capacity in just over 1 minute
  • Height:86mm width:43mm depth:43mm Weight : 145g

Pacum is available now on the Masterspace website for GBP £49/USD $59.99 including shipping