What a day to be alive. Our good friends Edifier have just sent us two of their True Wireless earbuds to check out and this will be a comparison on young and old if you will and we look forward to it, As I have test many products from Edifier and stand by their audio quality and their headphones are top notch and this is out first time to check out some of their true wireless range. We have the TWS1 and the TWS5 in for a review and comparison so this will be a double review and we have a double unboxing today to have a quick first look.

The main differences between TWS1 and TWS5:

1. Chipset

The main chipset of TWS5 is QCC3026, which is sort of better than QCC3020 of TWS1. QCC3026 is the representative model of Qualcomm’s QCC series chips. QCC3026 adopts WLCSP packing which is smaller and highly integrated, which is helpful for the design as well as the implementation of the sound cavity and antenna system, as 3026 is even more difficult to produce.

2. Diaphragm(Sound)

TWS5 adopts wool felt diaphragm, and therefore the sound quality is closer to the balance of the low/middle/high frequency and performs more outstanding in audio resolution and dynamic, compared with TWS1.

3. Antenna

TWS5 adopts LDS radium antenna, which guarantees the RF signal.

4. Charging Solution

The playback time is basically the same but the three touch-pin charging solution of TWS5 (TWS1 only has two pins) ensures better battery management of the charging box. 

5. Size, Weight and Design

The size of TWS5 is obviously larger than TWS1, and it is about 57.2g versus 41.1g of TWS1. This matters according to different user’s preference. Some may prefer smaller ones while others focus on material texture. TWS5 uses metal spray paint to enhance the texture of charging box, the indicator on it also looks better.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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