First look and unboxing of the Groov-e Apollo desk lamp with some extras. #Office #Tech

Need a new lamp of course you do but this one does more than just switch on and shine some light it sports a bluetooth speaker and a wireless charging spot to give you that bit more than your traditional lamp.

Today we check it out and will have a full review soon so if you have any questions feel free to ask as normal on our social handles.

Wireless charging with the Apollo is designed to be as easy as possible. Users simply place compatible devices on the 5w charging pad to start powering up the battery immediately.

Apollo’s light utilises three LED modes; warm, warm white and cool white enabling the user to tailor the light tone as required. Whilst, a dimmer function means the brightness can be adjusted up or down too.For those that like tunes before bed or to get them through the working day – Apollo also has an integrated Bluetooth speaker.


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