Dunnes Stores and Lidl hit with Facebook voucher scam. #DunnesStores #Lidl #Scam

Over the last few weeks there have been multiple scams doing the rounds mostly involving cost traps be it by calling someone back or people claiming to be form eircom to fix a problem at home, Facebook however of late has had multiple scams reported but little action being done by Facebook itself or the companies involved, Dunnes stores today have got back to us on the matter which is good to see but people need to be warned about these and steer clear.

We have yet to hear from Lidl on the matter despite reporting it to them on social media. Lidl are usually proactive on social media about such incidences. Facebook have a part to play here too in my book verifying such bullshit which I have said before and it seems nothing has changed, Some people are reporting that they have been victim to premium rate message charges over these voucher scams which are not true. Dunnes was also recently hit with a voucher scam by prizejack.

Both scams use the same tactic citing an anniversary offering a €750 voucher.

Pass it on and be warned.

Updated. Today https://twitter.com/techbuzzinfo/status/1181188575011987457?s=19 has appeared on Facebook. Dunnes have responded via private message which is not a way of being proactive on the matter.

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