When it comes to headphones,earphones and True Wireless I sport around 200 pairs combined in my collection but the minority is the office type which I will be expanding on in the coming months and the Logitech Zone Wireless are the latest to drop in and these give you a mix for personal and a work environment use which overall it gets it right as a whole for both use case scenarios.

Presentation is good and kept simple with all the details on the box and images on the underside for connection purposes and what is a real bonus here is you can connect two devices at once which for me is great for working on my laptop and my mobile phone with no hassles and the dongle provided for your laptop is super fast to connect with no worries at all..


The Logitech offer several important features which many don’t for the office and that is ANC, Wireless connectivity with two device connectivity and an option of Wireless charging which is something you hardly see in a pair office headphones.

Comfort is great as they just sit nicely on the head not clamping it and the adjustments are easy by means sliding the cups up or down either side and they are really light and don’t sweat the ears after long periods of usage. The rubber band on the underside is comfortable too and sit nicely on the head and the band is on the thin side again an office trait but nice and look well.

Controls are also simple and easy to use all on one side too which is how I personally like it, You have the ANC,Power/On/Off Volume up/down play/pause/hang up/reject calls and you can also connect to your voice assistant of choice.. There is also two mics,one each side which is very useful,many headsets just have the one mic. The dual mics give super quality phone calls by the way which is one main function on the headset.

One feature lacking with the controls was the ability to skip tracks which is something to note and might be a problem for some if they want that complete headset but its a caveat I could live with anyway as you can use your phone or laptop to do the same. There is an app which is great to see and something all wireless headphone manufacturers should include going forward for EQ settings and more.

On the app which is on Android and iOS you have EQ settings which have Bass,Treble and MIds and Volume,Voice prompts settings which I suggest you leave on,sidetone setting which allows you hear your own voice which gives you a volume level of choice,this is an excellent feature, You have sleep settings,language settings and a tour option plus support so overall the app is great and helpful and gives you more control over music settings and it is easy to use I will show you this in the video review. The app is clean and has a simple UI with nice graphics and easy on the eyes and no complicated sub menus.

Overall you want to know what the sound is like.. My personal use case is a much the same as anyone who works in an office or at home or open plan space and my usual test run of music gave me good results although in some cases at max volume to sound did get a bit distorted but these are not overly loud headphones which I prefer but just loud enough to satisfy my ear, Mids,highs,lows and Bass where good and the fact you have bass here is great for an office aimed product. Overall music was good and balanced and as I said calls great and crystal clear and the ANC option really gives you your own space without getting distracted by others conversation.. For those using in a personal capacity with YouTube and Netflix for example there is no sync lag.

The benefits here with this headset is great as a whole, You have ANC, Wireless charging, Connect to two devices, Lightweight and comfortable, The only thing for me that might make people look again but they are only small things to note is the colour availability small caveat to a great product overall..

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.