Fonesaleman QiStone 2 review 8000mAh of power that looks good. #Charging #QiStone2

Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes and in many cases bland looking but not this model.

The QiStone 2 is the upgrade to their previous model and can charge more than one device at any time and will support USB- C and Micro USB devices which again caters for all and of course it charges iPhones to, Any device that supports Qi charging can be place atop the unit and charge away whilst another device can be connected via USB.

The look and feel of the QiStone is nice and blends in anywhere in the home or office and can it is also pocketable which is vital for travelling and offer an ample amount of power and if two people are stuck that is no problem the QiStone 2 can help you both out.

The QiStone 2 is simpe to use and elegant with elegant looks with 4 LED lights to indicate battery level and one power on/off key. On top is a status light which will be Red or Green and then you have your I/Os on the bottom it is so simple to use.

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If its looks as well as power you want this is one to look at for sure. BUY HERE

See more in the video below.

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