Recently I checked out the instax mini li play and it was my first real camera but what’s different here that is an instant camera and the same as the Polaroid One Step 2 camera which has a different shape and size and gives you a similar result. What has been great with the Instax was actually holding a photograph again like most of us did many years ago only with the Polaroid this gives you bigger images on the fly.

We will be testing this out over the coming weeks and if you have any questions feel free to ask as always and check out the unboxing below..

You can pick this up at a really great price from Menkind.

This camera does exactly what you’d expect from a Polaroid. It takes perfectly imperfect, untouched, real photos that you can actually hold. (Did we mention they’re real?). But, unlike the Polaroids from the ‘70s, this camera has updates that make it perfect for today’s digital age!

For starters, this camera has a built-in 1100mAh battery that recharges via USB (cable included), so there’s no need to rely on the film having a battery attached. This also keeps the film cheaper and means that you can use the camera for up to 60 days on one charge!

In addition to the battery, this camera has updated lenses of polycarbonate and acrylic which give you a focal length of between 2 feet and, well, infinity, making the OneStep perfect for everything from selfies to landscapes! Plus, with a built-in strobe flash, you can keep shooting well after the sun goes down!


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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