The D-Link home security system is another example of getting the job done right and simple without the need for a huge technical knowledge or a registered contractor to come fit it in your home which again costs more money on top of a more conventional CCTV system which can run into thousands and in some cases having holes and wires drilled all over your house,there is no need for it today for the average household but that is subjective.


In any case just like cars or any mode of transport I always say invest in a dashcam it will someday repay you and the same applies to you house security, You should invest in some form of camera system and with what’s on offer here and what is out there it won’t break the bank and you will be glad someday as not only is it a piece of mind its a good deterrent too.

The D-Link home system is certainly one to check out so look at what you get inside first..

The benefits here is an easy setup be it installing it as it can be just placed on a counter or in a shelf or you can place it outside using the minimal tools to mount on a wall or fence if you choose to do the latter place it high up if you can.. You can use the provided brackets to mount on a wall,fence or wherever suits which again requires little skill and tools and just place it as is and not only that its portable and you can make use of the mounts and place them in several places which can be hidden or made visible for potential criminals to warn them off.

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Everyone’s set up will differ but with this package you can make full use of the arm and brackets provided as the cameras simply just stick on with a magnet you could not ask for easier and you can then set them up by testing the field of view via the app which again is a simple process to set up which just requires your router a power outlet and the rest is all provided in the box and once you have the app installed just follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go,there is also good tutorials online should you run into issues and of course you can ask us for help should you need it..


The app itself provides you with all you need to get the most of the camera modules with the pack I got I got two modules but you can add more if you like which is great so you can set up a complete home system with the one app and one system which is great four would of sealed it for me and they should make a package in set up like that which would make the deal even sweeter and give you a definitive piece of mind as you may be limited with just the two but as mentioned you can buy additional modules on the go if you wish..

The options in the app are also great as to what you can do with the footage and how you can manage things and its all simple you can see more in the app walkthrough below and again if you have any questions feel free to ask. The camera quality is excellent and there is two way audio so you can also communicate or confront with this should you get an intruder in your home or premises and there is also a built in alarm just to rub it in some more should you have to use it to fend off intruders.

Simplicity is key here and this package offers just that from set-up,installation and options within the app and this is how it should be if you want something that takes minutes to install and have set up and no need to wait for a professional installation this is certainly one system to check out and gets my approval. To top it off you get 12 months free cloud storage which is something you don’t see to often and you have excellent battery life which means less effort and they are rechargeable so you can charge at home when they run low and not fear of having a window of opportunity for a breach in your premises or home.

Stills from camera night and day..

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One small bit of advice is keep it as near as possible when outside to your router as newer house builds can cause interference with any wifi setups and this could be seen in one of the videos where it lagged and again depending on time with contention this will also affect the coverage/recordings





By Jim O Brien/CEO

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