The introductory base inventor kit from LittleBits includes everything creative kids need to turn their ideas into inventions! With relevant parts and gadgets such as sensors, battery’s and light plus much more the inventor kit brings a whole new level of education to kids in the fields of (engineering, science, technology, art, mathematics) this kit will help them improve and learn new skills for these types of subjects/fields it does it using the simple yet very well laid out designs and videos that also make it easier to follow on the app teaching the kids to build and develop their technical skills and also building skills.

There are over 12 inventions in the kit and a free app guide to help the kids through the fun inventions would also be a very good family activity for parents to do with their kids.  Building fun inventions, like a voice-activated robotic gripper arm or a room-protecting Intruder alarm. Then kids are challenged to create their own inventions to improve their room, community, Etc. They gain a lifelong skill that will improve their future and they also do it by having fun and taking part in the building activity.

Product features:

  • Include in-app instructions for over 12 activities.
  • Tech sensors,
  • paper templates for each activity,
  • 2 mounting boards,
  • LED light,
  • motor,
  • stickers,
  • free inventor app
  • Battery.

Product specifications:

  • Skill Level Beginner and upwards.
  • Educational Objective(s) (sensors, lights and templates..
  • Assembly Required No.
  • Batteries Required? Yes.
  • Batteries Included? Yes.

First use & packaging of the inventor kit

The first impression of the boxes is nice packaging but not very well laid out to what the idea is as is a lot going on the front and back of the box but is a nice size for the amount in it.Very easy to open this packaging as in this kit it is only a matter of sliding the main box out and everything inside is nicely organised and placed inside the box with the instructions placed on the top as seen below.

Labelled clearly like in the pictures and the app will show a picture of the template needed they are labelled at the top..

Template #1 – Template #12 – The labelling on all the paper cut-outs listed.

App & App instructions to make an invention

This app is available on any smartphone or smart device.

First look when the app opens:

The Littlebits Inventor kit had an easy layout, simple and quick to follow. This was thought out and designed clear and simple to follow. The bright colours give a very good outlook purple contrasting with the plain white background in an eye-catching way. The colours would keep your attention and interest.

Some Inventions available to make on the app
The steps to making one of the inventions:

The invention made below is invention number 1 which is called stuff protector. The App will show pictures of parts needed to build this invention and guide the user step by step through the building process both by picture and video.

All the paper templates to make the different inventions
Grab Template 5 below
Follow the video the app plays of folding the lines when next is pressed

Once the video is followed the template is done & the circuit can build.
Parts needed for the circuit

Video for building circuit snips

Then the invention can be then put together.

The above shows a completed invention. The downloaded the app is filled with some educational slides of information about the parts that are used in the process.  The parts were clearly laid out with a video making the building process a lot easier.  The app is a great visual aid, beneficial and useful.

Some pictures of the inventions made:

Compared Kits:


                        Base Inventor Kit Kit Electronic Music Inventor Space Rover Inventor Kit
Recommended Age 8+ 8+ 8+
No. of Activities 12+ 12+ 30+
Feature Bits proximity sensor, servo, sound trigger keyboard, oscillator, speaker, accelerometer 2 DC motors, light sensor, Bluetooth control hub, servo
Great For New Inventors Music Lovers Space Buffs
In – App Instructions


Note: Not suitable for children under 8 years.


The Littlebits Inventor kit is an educational kit for kids aged 10 and upwards. Younger kids would find a difficulty using the parts and app together. This kit is educational and could help kids develop in many ways and would also be good for a family activity for kids and guardians to bond. It can also work through the phone via the app allowing a group of kids could get together and socialise and work together to invent and create new ideas as the app suggests. The app itself is excellent easy is to follow especially nowadays that most kids use tablets, phones and smart devices. It is educational, encourages kids to think of ideas on their own all while teaching them how to build and create.

The kit itself is very easily laid out simple to attach and nothing too complicated or dangerous to kids. This is an ideal gift to kids 8 and upwards as will guarantee hours of fun and learning as it takes approximately 12 min to 1 hour to build some of the inventions depending on the user.

The kit is expected to last a long time with free instruction on the app used via any smart device. There are 12 different ideas ensuring hours of entertainment and learning fun. This is a great product for those interested in building.


By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.