Meet Ronan Cunningham, the Dubliner who went on his honeymoon, and came back with a business! #VR #ZeroLatency

While on his honeymoon in Tokyo last year, entrepreneur Ronan Cunningham stumbled across a little-known free-roam virtual reality game called Zero Latency.  So impressed by it, Ronan persuaded his wife to cut their honeymoon short and detour to Australia where he convinced the game’s founder to sell him the exclusive rights to Dublin and London. Having already brought FootGolf (footee) to Ireland six years ago, Ronan is now preparing to launch Zero Latency in Dublin in the spring.
Ronan says, “Having experienced Zero Latency first hand while I was in Tokyo on my honeymoon with my wife, I knew instantly that this was a fantastic opportunity to bring a totally new type of business to Ireland and the United Kingdom. Going on your honeymoon and coming back with a business is something that you don’t hear everyday but it certainly adds a special element to the business venture!
I am committed to bringing new experiences to Dublin and feel both privileged and excited to be in a position to do so. In 2013, I introduced FootGolf to Ireland after enrolling in an Innovation and Entrepreneurship course at the UCD Innovation Academy. It’s been amazing seeing FootGolf’s popularity spread throughout Ireland and we cannot wait to see what lies in store for Zero Latency.’
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