SJCAM, the action camera manufacturer,has announced the new Gimbal 2 is now available worldwide. Perfect for recording action whilst being immersed in it, the Gimbal 2 is compatible with SJCAM models such as the SJ8 Plus, SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Air and other popular action camera brands such as the GoPro Hero, YI Cam and Sony RXO.
The much-improved SJ Gimbal 2 comes with brushless motors and, unlike most gimbals, is able to perform 4 different functions:
:: Basic Follow Mode – this is the default function; a smooth horizontal-only rotation will occur towards the same direction as the Gimbal handle
:: Lock Mode – this keeps the gimbal locked in one particular direction. You can easily change the direction, pan and tilt using the joystick.
:: Free Follow Mode – gimbal will follow according to the direction at which the handle is pointing, including up and down
:: Selfie angle – Pressing the mode button twice switches the camera direction toward the person holding it – excellent for vlogging!
Where traditional servo gimbals are slow to react and can result in jittering in videos due to mechanical limitations, the brushless motors in the SJ Gimbal 2 rotate smoother and react instantly. This means the Gimbal 2 is very responsive, which results in judder-free, stable-looking videos. The 3-axis stabilization gives you more range of motion (320° tilting, 320° rolling and 640° panning) – and the third motor greatly reduces vibrations as it helps to counter any unwanted movements in the yaw axis.

The Gimbal 2 battery will last up to 6 hours on one charge, and the LED lights easily show you how much battery is left at a glance – each of the 4 LEDs accounts for 25% of battery charge. Any action camera mounted on the Gimbal 2 can be charged using the Gimbal’s battery – simply attach the included cable and you can add up to 90 minutes recording time. Finally, SJCAM’s Gimbal 2 can be seamlessly controlled via a Bluetooth-capable smartphone via the SJCAM Zone app.

The Gimbal 2 is now available on discounted sale from at RRP £77.60 or in a bundle with the SJCAM SJ7 Star action camera for RRP £222.59.

SJCAM’s SJ Gimbal 2 is now on a discounted sale when purchased as a bundle. One notable camera that it is currently bundled with is the SJ7 Star, a high-quality camera that shoots 4K videos and takes 16MP pictures. The focus on high quality build and the aluminium body makes the SJ7 Star stronger than other plastic action cameras on the market. Together with the ability to record in 4K, you can shoot videos in full HD 1080p at 120fps and any slow motion shots can also be recorded in full HD. The Star includes a waterproof case inside the box, which means you can take photos and videos up to 30m underwater for those activities that involve swimming. Its built in WiFi means you can immediately share photos and videos. Ideally paired, this bundle of action camera and gimbal costs just RRP £222.59.
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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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