Portuguese edtech startup Magikbee has launched Skrappify, a paper book that connects to a tablet and combines scrapbooking with digital design. Fusing physical and digital, Skrappify is the latest addition to Magikbee’s lineup of educational and interactive toys and apps, and is made for teenagers, families and scrapbook enthusiasts alike.

Each page of the Skrappify book is synchronised to a unique digital design created by the user on the Skrappify app. The book comes in a case that folds out into a tablet stand, ensuring a comfortable user experience and ease of drawing on both the pages and the device. The app, which offers painting tools, photo and video imports, fun fonts, emojis, stickers, and frames, is available for iPad on the App Store and Android tablets via Google Play.

“Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby,” said Magikbee CEO Hugo Ribeiro. “We want to make it even more fun by adding the richness of digital content, but without removing the crucial physical essence of scrapbooking.”

“We’ve developed the Skrappify app to include some design features that will be familiar to young users of Snapchat and Instagram. The idea is to combine the fun that kids have on mobile devices with traditional arts and crafts.”

“There are countless ways to use Skrappify. It’s the perfect way to unleash creativity and a great gift for the whole family this Christmas.”

Skrappify is a blank canvas, and can be used to create a photo album, interactive diary, school project, personalised gift, and much more.

The Skrappify Kit, available now for €39.99 at Skrappify.com, includes the blank book and case, four marker pens with erasers, and a series of emoji stickers.

Skrappify uses a similar technology to Magikbee’s magik play starter kit, a set of wooden building blocks that interact with an iPad in a series of puzzles and games. The tech requires no batteries, wires, or pairing and is straightforward to use.

See more https://magikbee.com/product/skrappify-digital-scrapbook-shop/https://magikbee.com/product/skrappify-digital-scrapbook-shop/

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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