Google Pixel Stand. We check it out. #MadeByGoogle #Pixel3XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL stand is a handy piece of tech to have complement your Google device which gives you wireless charging and information at hand and also entices you to use the Google Assistant which works quite well in most instances.

The stand will give you up to 10W fast charging on your Pixel 3 and if you have any other Qi- compatible devices they will work too but at half the charge rate. One feature I like on this is the digital wellbeing which enables you to take a break from your smartphone and this gives you a daily log of your mobile activies and perhaps after using such you might get a shock as to how much time you spend on your phone..

Whilst the device is sat in the stand youn have shortcuts to tap you can listen to the news straight away or get weather information and news for your locale. You can launch a bedtime routine too with the assistant and set alarm or get a virtual snapshot of the day based on the information provided.  If you have Nest HELLO this is also has intergration built in. The nice thing for me here is the ability to have a digital photo frame and listen to my playlist too and the speakers on this phone are plenty aloud.




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