The Nokia 8110 is another nostalgic device HMD and Nokia gave us some months back but many people do simply not get the gist of such a device. It is not a smartphone as such but gives us some access to the web and it might get WhatsApp soon.

I have seen reviews with people saying it does not have Instagram of all things and other features you find in a smartphone which we are all custom to today. GET OVER IT people it is not designed or intended to be a fully fledged smartphone.

This device like the NOKIA 3310 from last year is aimed to keep things simple and help you tone down on social media and more it has become a real problem now with people having their heads buried in their phone on the bus,train or walking down the road but that’s fine.. Go into a coffee shop or restaurant where people once did to talk to each other and what do you see?? Yes the same fucking thing that’s become a huge problem.

It’s not all that bad though. The 8110 has a camera it has internet connectivity and it has TWITTER and other internet features on it yet the typing is a problem at first but you will quickly rememeber how it was in the NOKIA 3310 days

The 8110 does offer quite a bit when it comes to basic needs and still is a useable phone other than calls and sms but I like how getting things are slow compared to modern phones and its good to keep us away from the typical smartphones we have today which are fast great for multitasking.



The design is great keeping it to its original device dubbed the matrix phone back in 1996 but smaller more compact but with a bigger low res screen. The build is tough and should take a few knocks if you have not hopped it off a wall already being one of the snowflakes not understanding the purpose of the phone.

There is only one button on the 8110 which is enough and this powers it on the rest is hidden under the slider portion which gives us a nice flat keyboard with a dpad control panel that works very easily.



So what does it have.. You can make calls, text, there is a game store albeit limited for now,there is a camera,snake, YouTube, Assistant, A music player, Browser,email, Clock, Video player, Google, Maps,Calender, Note,Calculator , Recorder, FM Radio, Unit converter and wait for it “TWITTER” which is on the app store social page.

Another handy feature of the 8110 is it has a Wi-Fi hotspot so if you are stuck for a signal being a 4G device you can connect to this for an internet connection.

The main thing here is how you will need to revert back to the old texting format to get things done which in fairness is not that hard and you will fly along but the difference here is it is much slower than we are now custom to and the same applies to loading times which is faster than I was expecting but that’s how it is and for me it a good deterrent keeps me off the phone more than on it given I spend much of my working day on a phone constantly and a laptop.

I spoke to TRT WORLD about the Nokia 8110 during the year see that clip – HERE 

The screen is too small but thats not the point the camera is not mind-blowing but again not the point of this device but they are there to tide you over and get the job done, You can take videos and pictures and look at a screen and look on the web but it’s not the same experience you would get from a standard phone which is great.

I can understand to a point though with some criticism of the 8110 like why bother at all putting these features on it. However to pick some items NOT on the phone comparing to what is on it is simply nothing more than a baby that dropped their soother out of the pram because it did not have X and Y and has A and B. You do not understand the market this is aimed at and need to re-evaluate yourself.


For me the 8110 is a new lease of life like the 3110.. I can have calls and text at any time and should I need some more its there if I need it. I use my main smartphone during the day because I need it and to swap over to the 8110 I am free of constant notifications and the urge to pick it up and go looking for things,the phone just sits on the table or couch and I wait for it to get a call or text rather than me posting things on social and checking notifications from all my social accounts.

The battery is also great I only have to charge it once a while with my current usage and perhaps that will change as I am now trying to keep a phone out of my hand more than before and I can check my messages etc once a day and get back to having a life other than having me head stuck in a small screen.. The Nokia 8110 might be seen as a nostalgic tug on the heartstrings by some like the 3310 was but its a nice form factor and has plenty to keep you going without the fuss and its easy to use and will keep you from social and perhaps talk to your family,friends and collauges face to face for a change.

The Nokia 8110 4G is available nationwide and we will have updates on any new news on the device. In short its a great phone with enough to keep you going and keep you with your head up rather than buried in your phones screen and perhaps you might just talk to someone face to face for a while because currently things have gone to far and we no longer communicate face to face… Take a break people…

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.