There is a story to Withings for those in the dark and that is they made fitness and activity trackers then one day Nokia Health bought them and then recently Withings Co – Founder bought the company back more or less last May and now if you want to get a NOKIA branded fitness tracker you perhaps are running out of time because when the current stock runs out you will be out of luck.

I was actually a fan of Withings fitness trackers before but to get here in Ireland was a difficult process and then the price I just could not justify the price no matter how good the watch looked but then when Nokia bought them out I got one and still use it today and have missed out on the HR which is another matter for discussion and I also own one of the scales too. You can still in fact buy the older Withings branded trackers today if you look around which leaves a question worth asking… Are they worth the money with Nokia or Withings branding..I will let you decide…

Moving on Withings is back with a really nice looking watch I must say and again the same is on offer with face colour and the option to buy straps but here is where the problems begin for fitness trackers come smartwatches and thats the price they come in at..

The new watch and straps do look great and eye-catching with a blend of old and new that complement each other well but are you going to buy one is the question.. They certainly come in cheaper than your average high-end smartwatch/fitness tracker on offer but with limitations and they will do what they are set out to do but with competition out there now with fitness and activity trackers for under 150 or less it will be good to see though mostly they look like a band wrapped around your wrist but this new offering stands out with a fresh new look… I just might pick one up….

Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch specifically designed for your workout, featuring heart rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, connected GPS and a Fitness Level assessment via VO2 Max estimation. All of these advanced features are housed in a classic timepiece that goes the distance with water resistance up to 50m, a long-life battery of up to 25 days, and a durable stainless steel case.

If you have any questions about the transaction you can read HERE



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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