First look and unboxing. Blips lens digital microscope kit for your smartphone. #blips #tech

Our smartphone cameras have vastly improved over the years but are they good enough? For me Yes I only use smartphones for my imaging and it means something less in my pocket to carry around.But what about going microscopic style with images, This is a different game.. We have seen attempts with similar kits for your smartphone floating around before and most failed but this new kit from Smart Micro Optics aims to change how things have been done in the past and done correctly. Check it out below and if you have any questions feel free to ask.. If you ask me its a pretty cool kit..

The special set of mini lens-lenses for smartphones and tablets that allow you to see deep within the microscopic world

Up to 4 mini-objectives on flexible film that can be applied quickly and easily to your smartphone or tablet; with Blips, the microscopic world is within everyone’s reach. They are so thin lenses that you can keep them on your device, even in your pocket, without worrying about losing them. Blips works on all models of smartphones and tablets on the market.

Video shot on Motorola G6





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