HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider commanding extensive local and international network coverage and infrastructure, today announced a strategic collaboration with Blue Face Limited (Blueface), a leading Unified Communications-as-a-Service Provider to launch HGC UC Anywhere Service. The result will be the delivery of an integrated, feature-rich and dynamic cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution to suit corporations of all sizes.


One-stop UC solution enables corporations to communicate efficiently while extending their business reach

Corporations are opting for digital transformation to make their business processes more efficient to support their growth. A cost-effective, efficient communication and collaboration tool connecting internal and external parties has therefore become essential to day-to-day operations to meet the future trends of digitisation and interconnection.

Group shot of Blueface and HGC

HGC’s advanced local network and extensive international infrastructure will be integrated with state-of-the-art Blueface technology to deliver a superior global UC solution. This is a cloud-based application that integrates various means of communication such as web portals, desk phones and mobile apps. As a result businesses can be reached regardless of their location via a designated office number through any means of communication.

UC Anywhere comprises a full suite of easy-to-use, portable and comprehensive service features including simultaneous ring (SIM-ring), which enables an office phone, mobile and desk phone to ring simultaneously. Other features are voicemail-to-email, document sharing, video conferencing and multi-party audio conferencing – all to help businesses stay connected on a single platform.


This hassle-free UC solution from HGC is also able to accommodate a corporation’s future expansion, thanks to abundant scalability and flexibility. Another major benefit is that this leading-edge UC capability is available without the need to make any hefty CAPEX investment. All these plus-points compare most favourably with the limited functionality of a traditional voice arrangement and private branch exchange (PBX) system.

Diverse features enable businesses to reach the next level of communication

  • Choose the way you want to communicate – HGC UC Anywhere delivers communications in multiple forms to suit a customer’s diverse and changing needs.
  • Local access, global reach – HGC UC Anywhere is carried by a global UC network ring running on highly-secure and reliable networks. Businesses can enjoy a smooth delivery of uninterrupted voice and video transmission on an international scale, with exceptional service quality anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-country Phone Numbers in ONE Device – HGC UC Anywhere consolidates a variety of overseas numbers – subscribed to by customers – in one mobile app. As a result, businesses can be reached via numbers in different countries wherever they are. In addition, business counterparts calling from overseas no longer need to pay IDD charges.
  • Call management at your fingertips – HGC has taken a traditionally-complicated IVRS call-flow design to a refreshing new level of simplicity. Our Advanced Call Flow (ACF) Management Module is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use built-in call-flow management facility that enables customers to build and customise their own IVR system call-flow capability in simple drag-and-drop steps. 

HGC CEO Andrew Kwok said: “The collaboration with Blueface enriches our business portfolio and proposition locally and internationally and enables us to deliver advanced market-driven solutions to meet the needs of all organisations, whether small, medium or large. Riding on our international backbone infrastructure, strong presence throughout markets in Asia and extensive global footprint, as well as our reliable hosting and comprehensive voice services, Blueface can now extend coverage from Europe and the US to Asia without having to go through a complicated service-provisioning process. We can also customise solutions to make them compatible with a variety of applications. Our customer-centric approach will enable customer organisations to improve their business operations by harnessing the power of digitisation. ”

Alan Foy


Alan Foy, Group CEO of Blueface and Star2Star, said: “The collaboration means HGC’s corporate customers can now enjoy a best-in-class unified communications experience in Hong Kong and globally, as well as genuine localisation throughout international markets. This will be achieved via our global UC cloud sites, multilingual self-service web portal and localisation of all communication elements. With HGC’s extensive connectivity, it also facilitates Blueface’s business deployment and expansion in Asia. ”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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