Guest Post. In the current busy and stressful age finding some time to lay back and enjoy is really hard. Video games are a great way to let off some steam after a long day, and they have many benefits if they are played responsibly. Gaming can improve the coordination of your brain and enhance your memory.


Developed by epic games and released in 2017 Fortnite is an amazing and exciting survival game. It started as an ordinary co-op survival game with a touch of fantasy, but it really became popular when it released the battle royale mode. In this mode of the game, you play against other people in a multiplayer last man standing battle. The concept of this mode was very similar to PUBG which is the main competition of the game, but Fortnite adds more features like building and potions which make the game more exciting. Of course, both games have their fans who keep arguing over which game is better, but if you are truly game-obsessed, then you should try both.

Grand Theft Auto

The grand theft auto franchise has made some amazing games, and every gamer who is a fan of open world games has grown up playing the GTA games. And the franchise had presented with the masterpiece of open-world gaming in the form of the franchise’s latest installment GTA 5. The game has introduced many new features into open-world gaming and has made the game very realistic.

Call of Duty

Call of duty is one of the best first-person shooter games around. It has many parts that fans have enjoyed over the years .the franchise has made games based on history and modern warfare. It has also made futuristic games like infinity warfare and advanced warfare. But these days all the hype is around the recently released Call of Duty WWII, Which is of course based on the Second World War. The games have always had exciting and exhilarating campaign missions, and it also has an online multiplayer mode where people can play against each other. 

EA Sports games

EA (Electronic Arts) is a company that has developed many games, but for people who are fans of sports they have made many amazing and realistic games.” EA sports” has turned sports like basketball, Football, Soccer, cricket, boxing and even MMA into games. Games like NBA 2k18, NFL 18 and UFC 3 are really popular among fans these days. So, if you enjoy playing sports, then you should check out the games made by electronic arts.

Poop simulator

These days’ crazy online games are getting a lot of attention. These games are not too big and cannot be compared to the previous games on the list, but they have their own place. And if you start playing these games, you will find them very entertaining. A great example of such games are poop simulator games. Even the name of the game makes it seem really tacky and tasteless but trust me these games are quite fun. Poop simulator is a game like muddy heights that you must check out if you’re are obsessed with games.

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