The product branding in terms of packaging and design to the out of box experience is prominent to observe as a quality product from the initial perception.  The Jabra Elite 65e looks professional from the initial view of the packing and feel on the box in the standard Jabra colours. The unit has an IP54 rated design which protects from limited dust ingress and water spray from any direction.

The earphones are magnetised which when placed around your neck can be connected to each other with the magnets, which stops the music automatically playing.  The Jabra Elite 65e has pronounce buttons on the earphones allowing easily to navigate the main button on the unit.

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Box Contains:

Pouch, Micro USB cable, 3 sets of EarGels and EarWings, Quick Start Guide, Warranty and Warning Leaflets Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 17.4 x 18.8 cm ; 18.1 g Boxed-product Weight: 581 g

Warranty:  Two-year warranty against water and dust.


The earphones out of the box had over 50% charge. The pairing was quick and easy. This was aided by the voice commands which gave clear instructions. The earphones are magnetised, which can be put together when not using. This stops the music playing automatically saving pressing additional buttons on your phone. The EarGels and EarWingsrequire evaluation to get the right fit and once the correct option is found the earbuds are comfortable and secure to wear.

Charging battery:

The charging is done via a Micro USB cable. The newer C charging type connector would be my preferred choice as supplied on most newer android phones. The charger socket is clearly visible not requiring any dust cover to be removed, (while the unit is waterproof). The unit has a red-light indicator light when charging which is not too distracting if placed in a bedroom to charge. The battery will last a good 13 hours as a comparison to other earphones. These earphones come into their own when the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is turned on which reduces the battery to 8 hours. The charging takes less than 2 hours charging to a full charge.

ANC (Active Noise cancellation):

Active Noise cancellation has been around for a while, but Jabra bring this to a new level, the audio quality weather on a call or listening to music is great but turning on the ANC reduces unwanted ambient sounds. This help to prevent the trend to raising the volume excessively to block out the external noise. The Jabra Elite 65e has a noticeable audio experience, many other earphones used in the past often have a low hiss at low frequencies with ANC on. The Jabra Elite 65e works, the noise reduction can get you lost in the music even when in a noisy environment.


The trends of most of the phone manufactures in terms of no 3.5mm Audio Jack on the phone will exaggerate the number of Bluetooth headsets. The Jabra Elite 65e required no cables to your phone. The experience of getting the right ear gel is an important factor in the use, this can be trial and error until a good fit is found, once found the earphones are comfortable to use for hours.  The charger cable of the C connector would be better for the future, but the micro charger does work. The extras on these earphones in terms of voice prompts, magnet options, charging socket, water and dustproof, choice of ear gels and a carry case make this a frontrunner for any choice.

Overall as with all the Jabra products, the quality and audio are great but the Jabra Elite 65e takes this to a different level with the ANC which works effortlessly. These earphones are one of my favourite earphones in terms of each of use and audio quality and leave other earphones obsolete, without the ANC option.


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