Fazup have launched an extra thin anti-radiation patch for smart phones with a passive antenna that regulates and reduces the radiation emitted by the mobile phone towards the head when a call is made and towards the body when a person carries a phone on their person.

This is a subject which has always been surfacing around mobile usage and Fazup believe they have developed a solution that works.

Although back in 2011, mobile phone radiation was classified by OMS as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ there is currently no global scientific consensus on this subject. This lack of clarity and regulation, means that nothing is being done to protect mobile phone users.

Fazup was created, because its co-founders, Antoine and Mathieu, knew that it might take many years for scientists to get to a consensus whilst there are millions of people today who are degrading their health totally unaware they are constantly overexposed to mobile radiation. After 13 years of research and testing, FAZUP has finally achieved a practical and effective anti-radiation solution, which is scientifically proven to reduce SAR levels of mobile phone, making head and body less exposed to harmful electromagnetic waves.

How does it work?

When in operation, mobile phones emit more radiation than necessary, especially while establishing communication. It gets even worse when the network signal is weak or when traveling at high speed (the “expected emission strength” standard is old and network coverage has been improved widely). The exposure to mobile radiation varies from 1 to 1000 depending on network reception quality. The less network a user has, the more they are exposed when communicating (1 minute in the worst conditions = 5 hours in the best conditions).



FAZUP deals with this “excessive emission”. The patch includes a passive antenna in conductive silver ink, which is precisely and specifically applied to the back of each compatible mobile phone (close to its antennas). The passive antenna allows for optimisation of the power control of a mobile phone and significantly reduces the amount of radiation emitted towards the user. As a result, the user is always protected. The protection is higher when in poor network conditions and lower when there is a perfect signal.

How does the patch optimise the power control and what is a specific position?

The majority know from physics that metal objects interfere with electromagnetic waves. FAZUP makes this process controllable through 2 solutions:

  • A specific form of FAZUP contour which is designed to work (or interfere) with all basic frequency bands (2G, 3G, 4G) used all over the world. That is band optimisation.
  • A specific position for each phone model is found through the in-lab Near Field Radiation (NFR) Pattern Measurement. This test consists of an empiric selection of the position of the patch which reduces radiation emissions while keeping high network signal quality. Our aim is not to make the radiation as low as possible, but to decrease it to a safe level, keeping the user within a safe range (a marginal impact on signal quality rarely occurs with mobile phones with low network sensitivity and at the limit of network coverage). That is position optimisation.

For the patch to be effective, it must be placed in a specific position for each phone model. To make this easy for users, FAZUP has developed and patented a smart positioning tool included in each product kit, which helps users to install the patch to its optimal position with millimetre precision.

The proof

Everything that FAZUP does to verify and adapt its patch for numerous cell phone models is grounded in science. NFR tests were not enough for Antoine and Mathieu, although they are conducted in a laboratory according to conventionally used methodology. The co-founders have produces a series of other tests for the product to be more exhaustive.

SAR reduction up to 99%

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the only international standard applicable for all cell phones in the market. It quantifies the maximum amount of energy absorbed by the user’s head and the body when communicating (energy = heat). Safe levels of SAR for head and body must be < 2W/kg. In the laboratory tests, the SAR is measured in the worst network coverage conditions, when your mobile phone works at maximum emission power.

FAZUP delivers the average SAR reduction of 80%, increasing to 99% for certain cell phone models and frequency bands. All SAR tests were conducted byEMITECH, French COFRAC accredited laboratory (French Accreditation Committee) used by French Radiofrequency Agency (ANFR) and French Sanitary Agency (ANSES) for their SAR measurements.

Real Network – Real Time measurements

To prove that FAZUP is effective in real network conditions (vs. laboratory conditions), an Outdoor NFR Pattern Measurement was conducted. The major difference between the indoor NFR test is that the phone is constantly changing the band (2G, 3G, 4G) and the relay antenna, which helps us to see the real picture of exposure from an average mobile phone.

The test consisted of measuring the mobile radiation on a smartphone with and without FAZUP while using the device. The exposure graph superposes GPS coordinates with measurement probe data.

Independent consumer test on 1000 people

After all the encouraging results obtained in the lab, the FAZUP co-founders decided to assess the impact of the patch on the everyday life of frequent users of mobile phones. This test had to reflect real life conditions. The results were striking: 85% of testers who suffered from headaches or other feelings of discomfort have seen real improvements or total disappearance of negative symptoms such as sleep disorders, tinnitus, tingling, heating of the phone / or ear, etc.

Consumer reviews have been collected by the independent site TesterTout.com in accordance with the NF Z74-501 standard which guarantees independence, completeness and accuracy of the collected reviews.

More information at www.fazupreviews.com

Fazup is available for 34.90€/£30.99 from http://www.fazup.com/gb/


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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