I have been a fan of VR since inception and when it launched it took off like a speeding bullet for a year or two then things became slack as a whole and new apps tapered off and it was looking gloomy with AR becoming the main focus, However some companies continue to bring goods to the table such as VRCraftworks.

VRCraftworks have brought us some really great apps since they launched and I have been following them since. Cast your mind back to Quark Expeditions and VR Drop and share for example and how this company works.

Today Jack Maddalena has made an announcement which is welcome in the VR community which will transform brands ability to offer a high-quality experience via your smartphone,effectively meaning you do not need to go out and spend big money on other hardwear which can be costly as we know and this also provides 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF).

Jack says…

For some time, brands have wanted to engage customers with a high-quality VR experience, but consumer access to required hardware is limited (content distribution).

To bridge the gap, we have created software that uses a smartphone and its camera to deliver a high-quality immersive VR experience. The 6 degrees of freedom is vital to allow freedom of movement in a 3-dimensional space.

Via a branded app consumers can engage with brands in an exciting and engaging way from their home, office, in-store anywhere.

Check out the reactions here below in this clip.

For more info and to keep up to date see https://www.vrcraftworks.com/

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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