Over the last year or two I have been reviewing Edifier products and they are all quality made products that last, I actually have a surround system set up in-house still and one thing I have not tested from the company is their headphones, this has changed the Edifier 830 BT headphones landed and just like their other products these are good and give quality in both sound and build.


They come well presented in a nice package covered with a sleeve only to be then presented well again with an inner box then when you open it you are presented with a hard case which is certainly most welcome and ideal for travel, included inside is your usual cables and instructions which can also fit inside the carry case in a small pouch should you need them.

Build Quality

Just like other products they are built well and should last some years if you are careful with them and use the protective case when you are meant to and not leave them lying around and so on. The headband is covered both sides with padding and soft synthetic leather which is really comfortable which also matches the cups which again are really comfortable for long-term use. Either side we have a slider system to adjust the bands which will fit any head and they do not clamp onto your head which is nice,comfort is a certainty here for any user. These are foldable to so compact and come with a carry case as mentioned before.

The arms either side are housed in plastic along with the outer sides of the cups themselves surrounded with a nice silver trim which complements the headset as a whole. The cups do swivel aplenty so they will rest nicely with anyone and not feel clamped they rest really well and will be ideal for those who use headphones for long periods of time.


Both cups have the Edifier branding in silver which looks well complementing the Silver band around them controls are near flush on the right cup which allow you power on/off skip tracks and also control the volume, I did find these take a slight be longer to turn on than other headsets I have tested but it’s no big deal. On the right we also have a mic for taking calls which are quite clear during my test period this can be said for both ends.

Also we have an LED indicator light, blue/red to tell us our status on connectivity and powering on/off. There is no battery indicator or voice instructions here but when connected to your phone you will be a percentage level,however when powering on/off you will hear two short beeps and the red LED will flash 3 times.

On the left we have our 3.5mm jack and charging port via micro USB again flush with the cup itself.On using the controls you will need some time to get used to their position especially blindly but after a while you will be fine considered how near flush they are, Also you have the NFC logo here for pairing NFC devices.


I like my music loud and these are loud which I expected from the company so they did not let me down here, I was please will all aspects when it came to quality and reproduction of all formats and volume levels mids,lows,and highs came through crisp and clear this can be said across the board with my usual activities such as taking calls,you tube streaming music and listening to music stored on my device, The average person here will be well pleased with the performance here.


  • DRIVER UNIT:40mm
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION:Bluetooth V4.1
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20 -20,000 Hz
  • WEIGHT:0.274kg


Over the last two years Edifier is a brand I can trust personally from testing quite a few of their products and I am really pleased with these headphones, Headphones are something I am a huge fan of and will not hold back on my thoughts no matter who the manufacturer is and they have ticked all the boxes here for me, With the 95 hr music playback this is a must have for those who have long commutes this is really a good selling point here and they have only been charged once since i got them and that says alot considered how much I use them.

You can pair two devices to these too which is also good via NFC and Bluetooth so if you are using a separate music player or laptop for example with your phone both can be used together,again a good feature for those whom work and like to do other things be it on the go or at home like pairing your laptop for example and your phone. For the price point these are a safe bet and a good purchase you will not be disappointed with. One thing I would like to see is other colours than the typical industry standard they came in for me.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.