Smartphones are everywhere. Unfortunately, since the existence of smartphones has escalated, there has also been an alarming surge in the amount of virus attacks on smartphones.

Virus attacks, like other types of malware, are really brutal and may leave you with multiple problems such as stolen personal data, or inflated bills. The best way to steer clear of viruses, adware and malicious bugs on your smartphone is by taking preventive measures and being observant of key signs that indicate your smartphone has a virus.

The following are sure-fire signs that your smartphone has been infected with a virus, or other type of malware. If your smartphone exhibits the following signs, then it is time to examine it further and know what may be causes it.



  • Pop-ups out of nowhere: If your smartphone suddenly shows pop-ups and invasive advertisements on your smartphone, then that it is definitely a sign that your smartphone has adware or malware. Pop-ups that come from nowhere and links to suspicious websites means you unknowingly installed an application with an adware on your device. Recall any recent applications you downloaded and identify which one brought a virus on your phone, then uninstall the application immediately.
  • Increased data usage: When a malicious bug attacks your phone, it eats up your phone’s data source to display advertisements or convey information from your phone. If you notice an alarming rise in data usage, it could mean that a malware has infected your smartphone.
  • Battery drains faster: Malware attacks eat up your smartphone’s resources to power up the infection. If you phone’s battery suddenly drains and runs out of juice often, then it may indicate a malware attack. Go to the battery settings of your phone and identify which application is using up the power.  
  • Unexplained messages and phone calls: Another sign that your smartphone has a virus infection is if your receive unknown messages and phone calls on your phone. Viruses or other malware duplicate by circulating from one smartphone to another via emails, texts, etc.


Sends spam messages to your contacts: If a virus infects your phone, it may transmit strange messages, usually with links to all of your contacts. In the event that your contacts receive spam messages from you, then the odds of having a virus on your phone is high.

  • Do not click the links: Tell your friends not to click on the links or open any spam messages from you.
  • Install effective anti-virus software: Also, install an efficient anti-virus program for your smartphone.


  • Poor performance and overheating: Malware attacks such as worms, adware, viruses, and others, use up your smartphone’s resources to transmit malicious intent. Thus, your phone will begin to heat up due to the damages inflicted by the virus.



  • Extremely slow: If begin to notice that your smartphone is performing awfully slow and heats up real fast even though you are not using it, then it is likely that your phone is infected by malware.
  • Scan and clean: Clean your phone by installing a good antivirus application such as Bitdefender, Norton, Avast, etc.



  • Sudden emergence of unfamiliar application: This is a very common sign of a virus attack on a smartphone. However, it is often overlooked. Malware can find their way into your phone through applications that you have downloaded.



    • They ride with installed application: Usually, they piggyback on applications and you will not even notice that you have installed a malware until you notice threatening signs.
    • Download only from Play Store: It is so much safer to download application from the Play Store for your phone’s security. Also, ensure that the applications are well-rated, and read consumer reviews before downloading or installing.


  • Uninstall unfamiliar application: If you notice any unfamiliar applications, especially ones you haven’t downloaded, then uninstall them ASAP.




  • Internet connection sets on its own: If your phone mysteriously switches your data and Wi-Fi connections without your command, then it could be done by a virus. Malware attacks can override your phone’s preferences and connect to the internet on its own. If you notice any strange internet activity, scan your device for viruses and clean it using an antivirus program.




The complexity and usage of smartphones have exponentially increased over recent years. Unfortunately, this also spawns a huge quantity of malicious viruses and bugs that take advantage of your device’s vulnerabilities.

Following BuzzTech  (no we are not related before you ask) and detecting virus symptoms earlier can help keep your smartphone from any malware attacks including viruses, adware, worms, etc. Moreover, you can take plenty of preventive steps to ensure the safety and security of your smartphone.

Rhett is the owner of BuzzTech. A leading specialist of phone and tablet repairs in Victoria. With 3 stores and more on the way, the team at Buzztech offers on the spot repairs in 5-15 minutes. With their HQ in Geelong Victoria, Rhett is opening more stores all around Regional Victoria and is dedicated to delivering the best repair service in his industry.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.