The humble TV comes in all shapes and sizes today and for now we may have hit a ceiling on how big a TV can get, Currently I have a selection of TVs in the house and they are all smart with the latest mods available. CELLO offer a huge range of TVs starting from 16 inch heading north to a whopping 85 inches and between that different form factors to boot. In short something for everyone at a reasonable price too..

CELLO ELECTRONICS have kindly sent us their  32″ Battery Operated LED TV with Freeview T2 HD & Satellite Tuner to check out so let’s have a look.

Features listed 

  • 32” widescreen LED TV
  • 240v, 12v & Rechargeable LiFe PO4 Battery operation
  • Charge in 2 hours / Watch for 8 -10 hours
  • Built-in satellite tuner
  • Smart Aerial
  • Two high efficiency LED lamps
  • Freeview T2 HD channels
  • USB – record digital TV and play media files from other devices
  • HDMI inputs for your external devices and consoles
  • Can be wall mounted (100mm x 100mm bracket not included)

Overall this TV has quite the standard look for what you would typically see in your local store with the black bezels and range of ports on offer and its also very light and portable too being a smaller TV you would expect this but some manufacturers somehow manage to give you really heavy lumps even at this side so this was a good start.

One thing I did not like was it was not smart but that’s just my view from having these here already but the TV is not all that thick either with its array of ports on the back which can effectively turn it smart enough to play media from your phone,tablet or laptop. So I can forgive it for that.

The UI on the TV was clean and simple to use and the remote too so for anyone not up to speed they will find this easy to navigate and set up even with the source buttons placed on the rear should their remote go missing for example.

The TV also comes with two high efficiency LED lamps ( I has no use for these during testing period) that can be powered from the TVs 12v out sockets (x2) and it has 2 additional USB’s to charge mobile phones or similar from the TV. The TV ships with a partly charged battery and high gain aerial providing plug and play from the outset. Everything you need is inside the box including a screwdriver to attach the feet and battery cover. To enjoy free to air satellite channels at home or abroad just add a dish.

Picture quality did seem a bit washed on default but messing around with the settings gave me better results and again this would vary per person our eyes and ears are different which brings me to the sound value. Downward firing speakers is never a good thing, similar to how speakers can be placed on phones, If placed on a surface you will notice this sound is muffled to an extent but if wall mounted the experience is better,its the gap between the speakers and feet that is the problem here but being a traveller orientated person you can see the situation they are in here as its not meant to be fixed in one position for a long period of time like say you wall mounted TV or similar TVs that come with front facing speakers.

Overall I grew to like this TV due to the features on offer and a back up battery should your power go with 10 hours battery life which would probably be reduced quickly if all ports are in use but having the lamps there,the ability to charge your phone and play media files its a nice prodcuts all around and ideal for the outdoors and traveller be it on a camper van or boat its the ideal ticket and will set you back around 350 quid.

32″ Solar & Battery Operated LED TV with Freeview T2 HD & Satellite Tuner

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.