Tech is proving more popular day by day and now specifically with digitial assistants and after seeing a slew of new products at CES this year they are now getting embedded into many products be it Google or Alexa for example they can make things that be easier for us but this in turn does make us more lazy rather than typing in words with keys be it on the laptop or phone but who am I to say that.I am a fan but not bought into it fully as yet and currently working on turning my home into a full smart equiped environment, More on that another day.. There is this new app called Speech Central we are here to talk about today though so check it out..

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it in front of the screen addicted to the web. With Speech Central you can take the web on the go.


Listen to the headlines from your favorite sites and select their linked articles to be read by using only the headphones or Bluetooth hands-free. For the first time feel the freedom without the need to prepare your text to speech session in advance.

Listening to the news and web articles on the go will save you the time in front of the screen at home. But the saving is double – screen is addictive and while you read you’ll probably waste your time doing useless things on the net. So one hour a day saved for you is certain for most of the users.

The app is tested to be accessible by visually impaired users. It has many features specifically tailored to users with disabilities like support for DAISY books, dyslexia friendly font, keyboard shortcuts for the most of commands available in the app and on the iPhone it can be controlled with headphone or Bluetooth hands-free buttons and functions of those buttons can be customized. Combined with the interactive web feature available in the app the latter may make the web much easier to access on the mobile device for a person with eyesight or related disability.


Ivan Icin explains to me why he created this app..

The work on the app started back in 2014. As I was reading a lot on the internet and I thought that I could save a lot of time by fulfilling that activity on the go (and also save myself from addictive browsing on the screen), I’ve decided to make the app for that. At that point it was a fairly simple app but it had necessary convenience that were not available in other apps. Over the time it has turned into one of the most complex text-to-speech apps, available on all platforms with some unique features.

You can download this app from the following stores below… Or check out his site here


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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