The Australian-based designer and producer of inventive bags, cases, and tech accessories has unveiled its use of augmented reality (AR) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

At the world’s preeminent exhibition of new products and technologies CES2018, STM Brands has showcased the latest products from the parent company’s two arms, STM Goods and Element Case. They’ll use groundbreaking technology to give consumers an entirely new way to explore the features and benefits of their backpacks and mobile phone cases.  We have been reviewing and using STM products for some time now and find their products notable and also robust and they last well and in fact serve us well still to this day.


Using computer-generated sound, video, and graphics to enhance a real-world setting, AR creates an interactive “experience” for the user.

“AR will change the way people interact with our products,” said STM Brands chief executive Ethan Nyholm. “Backpacks have traditionally been one of the toughest products to showcase in stores, unless a trained salesperson is there to demonstrate the special aspects of the merchandise which typically isn’t the case. Now, thanks to AR, individual customers can see a demonstration of a product’s key features come to life before their eyes.”


AR is also the ideal way to exhibit and explain the intricacies of Element Case products—premium protective cases for mobile phones that have numerous detailed features. 

 “Element Case is all about advanced engineering, high-grade materials and touches that maximise user convenience,” Nyholm said. “By bringing an interactive experience with the cases to the customer, we can take detailed and often complicated messaging about a product’s attributes and make it an easier-to-grasp, visual explanation.”

The STM augmented reality experience operates through a specially-created app that customers can download from iTunes. Different apps have been created for the STM Goods and Element Case brands. 

“Point of sale product marketing has always been about what you can print to make for an eye-catching display and how to support that with informative collateral” Nyholm said. “We’re leveraging today’s technology to go beyond what’s long been the expected in the shopping aisle and at the rack. It’s the future of marketing and we want to be at the cutting edge.”

For full information on the apps for STM and Element Case please head to:



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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