The Dashcam… Have you got one yet?? GET ONE.. One day it will help you and you will be glad of the purchase you have made which will turn out to be an investment. Check out the range of dashcams we have done so far HERE there is plenty to pick from..

First of all check out the unboxing of the ADR620 its a nice piece of kit.

This is a simple dashcam to set up and use which is important for some I think there is some out there that require a certain level of tech know how but this is simple and straight forward and almost ready to go out of the box,if you are not that fussy you can just power it up and insert your sd card ( not provided ) and away you go… They should provide a micro SD card I will just get that bit out of the way now… Most do but lots dont.. Listen up folks,not a big expense and a treat to the consumer too makes an easier sale in my book..


Anyway moving on,this is a nice compact unit and its very easy to use, With an micro SD slot and power key to right and the other has the USB port and reset button and finally on the front there is Three keys to navigate the menu structure which again is simple to set up… And one emergency recording key or lock key. This, ensures the data is not overridden,when you see the dashcam connected to your PC you will see the two files available should anyhting be protected.

The screen is on the small side but visible and clear and you have the choice to leave this on for a period of time or leave it on full time, Full time is the option I prefer just to keep an eye on it and ensure all is well,if you decide to set a time frame it will go blank and you might perhaps feel its gone off completetly but its not the case,a touch on the power key will show you all is still running in the background.

Videos are timestamped ,you need to set the time up for this as its a default time on start up which we actually used to show the footage just to make you aware it will not find the time itself even if connected to a pc. On the bottom left there is a small number which highlights how many files are stored on the card.

From time to time you will get alerts,these are fatigue alerts which is a great idea and will keep the driver in check which these days is important.

You have a 120 degree field of view through this which is aplenty some think this is sufficeint compared to 140 degree options due to the fishbowl effect they can often give but you will be perfectly fine here and the quality is good enough even in the darkness although oncoming lights or really bright lightninh may look fuzzy as you will see in some of the footage or even check this clip HERE for one example,excuse the french..

On launching this model here and the 820 model Richard Armstrong, Philips Business Development Manager Automotive – UK & Eire commented: “We all hope our journeys are safe and incident free. But in the case of an accident, gathering accurate evidence is vital. For many, the post-accident experience is one of the most stressful elements of car ownership and it benefits everyone to make it as simple, stress free and to limit unnecessary claims disputes.

Correct in his assesment but to add to the flair this ADR620 is one of the easiest out of the box experiences I have tried to date which is important for newcomers to the dashcam world, I say that because there is so many people out there with NO dashcam or could not be bothered to get one due to the lack of tech kno how,this is not the case with this and I will add if you do get one feel free to ask us for assistance as we always give it and like to help…


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Features overview..

– High quality camera for capturing details on the road

– Automatically captures collisions and stores footage for later

– User-friendly design so you can set up and go

High quality camera

The Full HD Philips GoSure ADR620 Dash Cam captures your journeys in detail, so you get clear evidence of other road users’ actions. Even at night, the camera is able to retain high quality video.

The wide lens can see three lanes of traffic at once, so no matter what happens, the camera will see it, and auto overwrite function ensures the most recent footage is always available.

Automatically captures collisions

The built-in G sensor automatically secures footage that covers several minutes before and after a collision. That footage is protected from the auto-overwrite, and is stamped with the time and date.

You’ll have all the evidence you need to resolve disputes on the spot thanks to the LCD screen, which will also display the date and time for you if being reviewed later. By automatically storing the footage on a microSD card, insurances claims can be sped up too.


The GoSure keeps things simple. Just four buttons let you control all the functionality, and there’s a driver fatigue warning to remind you to get sufficient rest on long journeys.

This can be purchased from CURRYS PC WORLD UK




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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