Guest post by  James Anderson – According to a report by the Royal Society for Public Health, UK, Instagram is one of the most detrimental social networking apps that have the potential to influence the mental health of people. ‘Their report called Status of Mind’ surveyed 1500 young people between the age 14 and 24 on various social media platforms and its impact on the health and well-being issues like self-identity, depression, body image, and anxiety.

Instagram has negative impact on mostly young women. Young women compare themselves against filtered, unrealistic and photoshopped versions of their images. Instagram makes women feel as if their bodies are not good enough which is why they prefer adding filters and editing pictures to make everything look perfect. As it is being extensively used by teens too, many parents are looking for the best app for spying on the iPhone of their kids to know what they are doing on Instagram. They want to know how their kids represent themselves on Instagram and other social media channels for the sake of their safety.

Why is Instagram addictive?
According to the BI Intelligence Report, 90% of the 200 million people who share their photos on social media apps are under the age of 35. Wondering why Instagram is so addictive?

Here are some reasons:

People think that if they don’t capture the moment, it will disappear forever.
The picture that wasn’t really that good looking, by using the Instagram filters, you can make the picture sharable.
If you can make your picture beautiful, it means you can participate in the most important part of the Instagram hook i.e. the investment of sharing that picture.
People don’t just use Instagram for taking pictures, but for the fear of missing out on a moment (FoMO). There is always a psychological itch to open the app and scroll through it to find out what’s going on around us.

Instagram no doubt is a great app, but its addiction can largely damage anyone’s mental health, especially that of girls (teens and tweens). You never know what kind of comment triggers depression or insecurity in them. That’s why it is recommended to use the best app for spying on iPhone to keep an eye on the Instagram activities of your loved ones.
We are sharing stories of Instagram influencers who tell how they are saddened by the hurtful messages they get on Instagram from haters:

Jayde Pierce (She is a lifestyle and beauty Instagrammer with 960k followers)
I started using Instagram for sharing pictures of friends and family. The more pictures I shared, the more followers I started getting. People started enjoying what I was doing and it turned into a career. I have always been fond of fashion, beauty and makeup. Now, I am sharing what I like doing and earning a decent amount of income out of it. If it’s a product that I would like to use, I am happy to promote it. In fact, I prefer testing the product before promoting it online.

Instagram can be really stressful at times. It looks like an easy job but it’s not. if you are doing everything by yourself, it can get very time-consuming. I plan everything out, create everyday content and mini Instagram videos myself. I love my job but one main disadvantage of working on Instagram is the internet hate. People judge you 24/7 for something that you are not. It gets frustrating when people start telling you how to live your life.

Doll (She is a feminist sex writer and a model with 70.2k followers)
I don’t live a conventional life. The best thing about earning on Instagram is that you get a chance to help other women find positivity in their bodies. I like the part of connecting with people who I would normally never meet or even speak to. I started working full-time from the age of 16. I have never gone to college but I have done a lot of office jobs and now, I work as a freelancer.

A thing that I am dealing with Instagram from a long time is the hate of people. There are lots of men I know who have built an idea on who I am. Yes, social media lets you portray the best part of your lives and you don’t have to talk about the fallouts of your life but as you are trying to get a certain message across people, you to take it very seriously.

I love working on Instagram but the worst part is how people misread you. People start seeing you as an object. People, especially men leave hurtful comments, which is actually a reflection of their own insecurities. When you are posting on Instagram, you have to be extremely careful about posting your location. I don’t really post my location until I have left that place. There are stalkers out there so I have to take extra precautions.

Even though they are adult Instagrammers running their business through the app, they agree to the fact that Instagram is full of dangers. If you don’t take precautions, you can end up becoming the victim. To protect the young users from body shaming, hate messages, sleep troubles, and other mental problems, it’s safe to have the best app for spying on iPhone at hand to monitor their social media use.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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